Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sanity kills; So I live the crazy life

Good eveenning friends!

I hope all of your days are going wonderfully though I know some of us have spent 1 too many hours in the editing room, and all deserve a nice alcoholic beverage of some sort.

Anyway, my day started out just horribly. I woke up late, and had to rush to get ready for my ultrasound at 9:45. Thankfully, I made it in time (9:43 to be exact)... but it wasn't a very good appointment. I was going as a follow up appointment to check on the lump in my breast, I really don't think that anyone needed to know that, so I'm sorry if that disturbed you in any way. Everyone was hoping that it would have shrunk naturally since being off the pill, but unfortunately it didn't. And of course the ultrasound technician isn't allowed to tell you anything, cause that's the doctors job... but she did tell me this: "It's not going away... if anything, it'll get bigger, cancerous or not, it'll keep growing. This is because you're a young, fertile, woman" Isn't that a nice message? So what that really means is: You're going to have to get surgery at some point. What it also means, is that I can probably never go on the birth control pill again, because the estrogen makes them grow faster or something (I don't actually know the science behind it all). This may not be a big deal to a lot of women, but it is to me. My body feels better on it, you know, all your hormones are balanced. No pimples (ever), slower hair growth, and a nice, usually pain free period. (Again, sorry if any of you are disturbed) Too. Bad. For. Me.

Anyway, got to school after this stupid appointment, to begin SIX hours of working in the editing room; Completing a total of 3 assignments, some easy, others nooot so much. I just got home about 10 minutes ago (6:30), but to VERY good news. My "Free Weezy" shirt came in the mail, and I'll have you know, I'm never taking it off. I'm wearing it now, and I'll wear it forever. EVEN after he gets out of jail, just so people know that I supported him while he was in there. I have one more piece of news, and this time it's bad: my Tickle Me Pink crayola costume, is officially out of stock... IN ALL OF NORTH AMERICA. What's a girl to do?

That's all for now folks,

Until next time,

Mr. Famous, xo

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