Saturday, October 9, 2010

Free Weezy

Word of the day; caj; original short form for casual courtesy of H. Miles.

HEY. So, I've been in the best mood for the last couple days, living in minimal sleep but loving every minute of it. I did some preeetttyy exciting things including order a beautiful grey/white striped "Free Weezy" shirt. I honestly hope everyday that today will be the day it comes in the mail.

My besty slept over Thursday night, we had a pretty laid back night of drinking and taco salad. Friday morning we woke up, and she started playing with Bananagrams. Have you heard of them? It's a game similar to scrabble, kind of, with no board. Anyway, so of course she makes the following three words: Drake, Weezy, and Kid Cudi. Obviously our faves. Anyway, so it turned into this creative masterpiece, as you see here (original, on the table). It took too much effort to get all the words in, a lot of rearranging, and lot of high fives to get it all done. It was too pretty to dismantle, so we did the next best thing. Hopped in the car (went to lunch) and went to Michaels, you know, the art store? Well we got boards, more sets of Bananagrams, and a few hot glue guns. Recreated ON the board, and is hanging in my room. Beauty.

Also went to Steve Madden on Thursday to exchange some boots, suuuper rude there. Probably won't go back again. Got new boots (laceups), they're pretttyyy sick. And I got some new oxfords, like a cognac type colour. They're also pretty sick.

Friday night, went to the bar. Danced the friiiiggen night away. Had a super good time with some old high school buddies, developed a wee crush on an old crush. And when I say crush, I mean like... he's hot, has a sick flow, anddd thats about it. Not like to date him, just like, woah he's hot. So danced a majority of the night with him. At this current moment, I'm trying to change my Twitter picture, and of course it's "over capacity". That really annoys me.

Quick update on the rest of the boys in my life: Hollywood, still on the train. It's moving fast (still). James Bond (new train), he's pretttyyy hot. We had some flirtacious moments about a year ago, then I got scuuurred. So, I took some guts (being bold) and commented on his picture.. he then messaged me over FB, gave me his number, told me to contact him with my whereabouts. It didn't work out so well last night, but I'm hopeful it will at some point. Mustache, hmm, I guess I'm a bit on that train, but it's slowing, and I may get off soon.

I think that's it for now, misssiin' my caj girl already.

Until next time,

Mr. Famous, xo

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