Sunday, October 17, 2010

Midterms Suck.

Heeey kids!

How's errr'thang going tonight? I'm currently sitting in my bed, chatting on skype with a besty, sweating my pants off. I think it's cause my computer is on my lap, but literally, dyyiiing of heat.

I haddd a craaazy weekend, I wasss pretty irresponsible. I have a TWO, count TWO midterms tomorrow, as in Monday that I have barely/but sort studied for, and I not only drank Friday, but Saturday as well. And the funny part about Saturday drinking was that I started at 3 pm, but was still drunk from the night before. Because I drank so much, now I'm not saying I'm proud of this, I'm just stating the fact. Anyway, Jacob, from a million posts ago, I kissed him again. STUPID, I KNOW. I'm pretty pissed at myself, it was all the alcohol combined from two nights. Not a pretty picture. The fiiiirst night, as in Friday night, I literally met the man of my dreams. He's super tall, super hipster, and super sexy. Creepy, but literally loveeee him. So awkward around him, don't know how to act, or be... like super loser. I'm slowly getting over Hollywood cause it's obvious he intangible to me, so there's no point in liking him. Whatever, I'm over it :)

My midterms tomorrow are literally killing me. We have a law and the media exam, and let me tell you, out of the 6 weeks of school so far, we've had three classes. First week, was Labour Day, so we had class 2nd week, then 3rd week she cancelled, 4th week we had presentations/little bit of learning and the 5th week was Thanksgiving. SO LITERALLY, barely any classes. I honestly don't even know what to write in this exam, I've been studying stuff from the text book, but it's ridiculous. Who even knows? I have so much hmwk this week (I'm being a whiney baby again.. surprising? Nooope.)

Anyway, I must. I have to continue studying/sleep and crryyy cause of my potential fail tomorrow.

Until next time,

Mr. Famous, xo

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