Monday, August 30, 2010

I'm sorry, but I don't speak men.

Word of the day; Amiable; Good-natured, personal qualities.

Guess what? It's Monday. But not just any Monday. It's the last monday of working... Starting next Monday (Labour Day) I will officially be a student again, learning all the ins and outs of broadcast journalism, and specialized reporting. I really can't wait any longer. Of course because I only have TWO days of school, I will have to get a job of some sort. Hopefully I can have a cool job, but I'll probably be back in retail for the time being. That's okay, one day my hard work will pay off. That much I do know.

So in the mean time, I have this week to contend with. I am extremely busy with getting everything organized for Alberta on Friday. I have to pick clothes up from the cleaners, and pick jeans up from getting altered (the joys of being 5 feet tall), getting my hair done, saying bye to all of my friends as they slowly go back to school, packing for my trip, yoga, yoga party, and FINALLY a spray tan; which I'll have to squeeze in somewhere (I'm the palest I've ever been in the summer!) I really don't know how I'll manage to fit everything in, but hopefully I will.

Let's move on to the always lovely subject of the male gender. Who can ever understand their intentions? Like, how am I supposed to know if he wants a relationship.. or just some action, or a friendship? Why text me and ask me what I'm doing, and then when I reply, don't text back for another 2 days... it just makes no sense at all. Anyway, this one guy I'm talking about specifically, SEEMS like the nicest guy I've ever met. But is it a facade? How do I know? He's blond (not usually my type) he's in a band (also not usually my type), and SO nice. He likes to party, he knows how to have a good time, AND is nice. Is it really possible? A part of me thinks I'm falling for him, but then he just up and confuses me again. Really, I wish they would just flat out say what they meant. But then I guess there wouldn't be a chase? And all girls love a chase (let's keep the chase simple though, no convoluted games please). But remember the boy that just left for school in the States? Well sometimes I catch myself thinking about him. Why? And.. annoying.

My best friend is HOME for a week. She was at camp (being a counselor) all summer long, and has a week at home before she goes back to Laurier. Shoot. BUT the good news is, my birthday is fast approaching. And for my birthday weekend, I'll be at Laurier celebrating not only my birthday, but Homecoming as well. That should be quite the weekend. Not to remind you or anything, but my birthday is October 4th. (Let's not forget okay?)

One more thing I wanted to say... remember my driver friend that I met at the Adrian Grenier event that wanted to hire me for TIFF. Haha, well turns out he was just being charismatic. Defintiely like me to get sucked into that ploy.. oh well, it was a fun thought to entertain for a week.

Anyway, I just bought a new book: Committed, by Elizabeth Gilbert. Recognize the name? Yep, it's the Author of my other fave: Eat Pray Love. It's the continuation of her love story with Philipe. Oh I just can't wait to start reading, SO I need to finish this blog, and get to my reading.

OH WAIT! One more thing. I have found, the most amazing telephone for my room. It's a classic french, rotary phone from 1947. I need to buy it, its quite stunning.

Until next time,

Mr. Famous, xo

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Merci Beaucoup

Word of the day; gratitude; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness

Booonjour! I feel like it's really early, but it's not. It's 9:30, I guess I'm just wiped from all the events from last week. My tea is steeping, I'm watching the news, and getting ready to start my many errands for the day. Overall, I'm quite happy this morning. I'm watching CP24 and George Logaganis is reporting live from Don Mills Collegiate discussing Rob Ford and his stupid campaign. I really, really dislike him. (Rob Ford I mean, NOT George). 

Anyway, after I told you about being Tweeted by the Blue Jays, which in itself is pretty cool, I was direct messaged by them (had some communication problems at first, just wasn't appearing in my direct messages). When I read it, I wasn't quite sure if I was reading it right.. "Because you're such a big fan, we'd love to give you a t-shirt" HA! How exciting. So anyway, I'll just skip to it. I got 4 free tickets for the game last night, in amazing seats, got a cute "I was retweeted" t-shirt, and then bought a new Bautista t-shirt, and even some Blue Jays underwear. So I'll be pretty decked out. So I have to say a HUGE thanks to the lovely gentleman who supplied me with everything to make an amazing evening!

That's all I have for so far, I have an extremely busy week coming up, so I need to get as much done as possible!

Until next time, 

Mr. Famous

Friday, August 27, 2010

No Big D, I love the Blue Jays

Word of the day; Gregarious; Fond of company, sociable.

Gooood morning fellow bloggers! How are you today? I hope you’re terrific. For starters, it’s Friday. Also, the weather is finally looking up. It’s been feeling awfully like fall in the past few days, but today, there is a high of 27/28 degrees CELCIUS. SO warm for the last week in August.

The other exciting thing is that the countdown is on for my departure to Alberta. Seven days exactly. I can’t wait. Seven (probably long) days until I’m horseback riding through the Rockies and taking a dip in the hot springs. Unfortunately for my bikini body, my brain has been lovin’ the food a little too much.. only 5 lbs too much. But still, five pounds is five pounds.

OKAY OKAY. I’ve been trying to blog for a couple of minutes without jumping for joy and screaming.. I thought I should start off slow, but now I’m far too excited to keep blogging about mundane things.

TWOOOOO exciting things happened to me this week. ACTUALLY THREE!!! So, first I went to a screening of Adrian Grenier’s Teenage Paparazzo, where not only did I watch the most amazing film ever, but I also met him. I came up with what I thought was the wittiest possible question. Being that he was from New York, and clearly liked baseball, I needed to know: Yankees or Mets? …. His answer: “Yankees, Obviously!” How cute eh? Not only is he philosophical, a genius, artistically motivated, and freakin’ gorgeous, but he’s a YANKEES fan. Why, is this guy perfect? Are all celebrities perfect, or is it just a figment of my imagination? I’m going to go with the latter.

Anyway, exciting moment number two: Same night.. I met Adrian Grenier’s driver. Who probably sarcastically, offered me a job to work with him during TIFF. Like seriously? What a good way to get into the media business! I’m slowing working my way in, so hopefully I can jump right in some time this year.

Finally, exciting moment number three: I tweeted the Blue Jays yesterday, as I do every day. I love the Blue Jays, and I love Twitter. So it only makes sense that I would Tweet them errr’day (weird?) of my life. So, it was completely unexpected when they TWEETED me back. Like, WHAT? Probably made my whole day, if not week. I’m not sure if you know, but I watch/listen/follow every Blue Jays game.. the only time I don’t is when I’m at the cottage and have no cell service. So, the most exciting part you ask? “Great blog by the way!”I squealed with excitement. Sarcasm? Maybe. Do I care? No. :)

I have some more things to update you on (obviously boy drama/friend drama). But today, I was completely and utterly devoted to Adrian Grenier and his beautiful film Teenage Paparazzo and to MY beautiful Blue Jays (with Bautista hitting is 41st homerun of the season, and is 100th of his career!)

Until next time,

Mr. Famous, xo

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy Sunday!

Word of the day; Napalm; a thick and highly incendiary liquid, usually consisting of petrol gelled with aluminum soaps, used in firebombs, flame-throwers, etc. 

whaaaadduuup!? Kidding. Anyway, what's up? Weekend's almost over, pretty bummed about that. Only thing good about Sundays is Entourage is on and I can stare at Adrian Grenier for 30 minutes. Adrian, is rumoured to be coming to Toronto this week (please confirm this for me!) for a showing of his latest flick by Teenage Paparazzo. 

Have you ever seen someone for a party continuously for like 4 months, and not thought anything of it? But then at the end of the 4 months they tell you they're moving away, and you realize that you've wasted all summer doing nothing about it. Welcome to my life. For the last 4 months, me and boy (Mark) have been shamelessly flirting. Do you think I would do something about it? No. Of course not. But, on Friday night when he tells me this is his second last night in Canada (before heading back to university in the States), I realized... shit, I just missed it. He did tell me he'll be back for American Thanksgiving, but like, c'mon, that's a million months away (really it's just 3 but... enough time before I can do something) And even that, it'll just be a weekend. 

Some pretty exciting things happened to me this week (aside from my stupidity with Mark)... On Wednesday I went downtown, more specifically to Yorkville so I could buy a Longchamp bag... well, while I was down there, I saw a f*cking Bugatti Veyron... a 1.7 million dollar car! Insane. Beyond insane. CRAZY. In the midst of my excitement over the Veyron, I saw, and then met Steven Tyler from Aerosmith. Shook hands, and was stepped on by THE Steven Tyler. 

That's it for now... Summer's almost over. We'll have to recap over the summer soon.

Until next time, 

Mr. Famous, xo

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mission: Failed

Word of the day; androgynous; having both masculine and feminine characteristics 

Well good evening all! You know those days that you are just so tired you feel like you could vom? Well, today is one of those days for me. I'll start by recapping a few things that I've left unsaid:

Project Texas: Fail. I didn't put much of an effort it, but probably would have failed even if I did. So that's a bummer. Now, he's gone away to training camp (for football, at university) and I'm out of luck. 

My date: It was a terrific date. Relaxed pub atmosphere, he was super nice and just as funny. However there was just no chemistry. NONE. Not for me anyway. I didn't have one inch in my body that wanted to kiss him, or for him to kiss me. So, that's that. I went on my first real date since my ex (way too long of a waiting period), and it wasn't awful. Good news overall. Well let me rephrase. The date was good news; the fact that he won't stop texting me, not so good news. 

There was a few things I wanted you to remind me about. I guess I didn't give you much of an opportunity but here it goes:

Audrey Hepburn: Emma Thompson, I don't know who the hell she is, apparently an Oscar nominated actress, or Oscar winning, I still don't know. But nevertheless, the point is, she said that she doesn't "get" Audrey Hepburn. Just never liked her.. said her acting was awful, and she was awful. So the bottom line is, I strongly dislike Emma Thompson!

Omar Khadr: (I need my own separate blog just to talk about him, so I'll save that for another day)

Iphone: I'M PATIENTLY waiting for the Iphone 4, But I'm slowly getting sad that I have yet to have it in my hands.

Okay, we're all caught up. Now on to the most recent things. This past weekend, me and a seriously good group of friends (people I've known since grade 9) had a nice little flip cup tournament. Just for a good time. And believe me, it was a good time. I drank a few too many beers (are you surprised?) and had a lot of good laughs. This is what I did: hooked up with a friend. Funnily enough, a friend that my ex boyfriend always worried about when I spent time with him alone... never felt anything then. But I guess something was there this weekend. We promised it won't be awkward and so far, so good. He has an on-again/off-again girlfriend, and I do not want anything to do with a boy for long term purposes. When I think about it, I laugh. It's quite funny actually. Me and him? Such good friends, and for so long. One beverage with alcohol contents can lead to such good times. 

Anyway, I'm so tired and I'm just going to curl up with a nice hot tea, a cute chick flick, and my sweet mommy.

Until next time, 

Mr. Famous, xo

Can you ever forgive me?

OH. MY. GOD. I am so deeply sorry for being absent from blogging for way too long. Anyway, I wrote a blog the other day at work, but never got the chance to post it. It was from Tuesday, August 10th. Here it is:

Word of the day: Reciprocity; 

Good morning all!

I’m writing this entry quite early in the day (a whopping 9:20 am) but not posting it until quite a bit later as I’m using a work computer to write. It’s just that I have so many things on my mind I can’t risk waiting until later and forgetting all of my thoughts from this morning. 

It’s only Tuesday and I can’t even imagine going through the rest of today, let alone the rest of the week. I’m just dying for it to be the weekend, and better yet, the end of summer (Oh, I know.. I really am saying that). It’s just that I have tons of fall clothes (boots, moccasins, sweaters and blazers) that I just can’t wait to wear, school begins (only two days a week) and I’m going to Alberta for eight days.. OH RIGHT, and it’s my birthday! How could I forget that!? Finally leaving my teen years behind. 

The only other thing getting me through at least Tuesday and Wednesday is the fact that I’m going to see John FREAKING Mayer tomorrow at the Molson Amphitheater. I have amazing seats, and going with some amazing people. It will be my third time seeing John (we’re on a first name basis obv) in a 12-month period and quite frankly not even close to enough times. He’s so amazing live; just him and his guitar. Can’t. Wait. Any. Longer. Please, Wednesday… come now. 

I hope some of you are newspaper readers… if you are, and you read the Toronto Star frequently,  you’ll know the article that I’m talking about when I mention this word: Coyote. Apparently, at a camp ground in Cape Bretton, Nova Scotia, a 16-year old girl was sleeping outside (who the hell knows why) and woke up to a coyote biting her head. Ever since the 19 year old girl went hiking alone through the woods last year and was attacked my coyotes, people are out to get them. ESPECIALLY in Cape Bretton; where they have captured in between 8 and TEN coyotes in the past year. CAN YOU believe that!? They are wild animals.. what do people expect from them? We go into THEIR habitat, or home, and then get angry when they get curious and attack us? How is that even fair? IF someone came into your home, would you not show them the same curiosity and hostility? It’s just ridiculous that people are astounded by the way coyotes are reacting to an influx of people in their homes. If you are a petite person, and going out for a hike alone, or sleeping outside alone, who’s to say that a skunk, raccoon, or bear isn’t going to come along and take a sniff, or bite? No one is out killing skunks and raccoons. Probably because their damage isn’t as bad… but I have news for you: They’re tiny little things. Again, if you’re going to go out alone, in the woods where there are tons of wild animals, bring something to protect you. A stick maybe? Or a horn, or bear spray. Something, that gives you an advantage. Anyway, I’m done ranting about coyotes. 

A few other things that I need to mention before I sign off are: Project Texas, and date night (yikes).

Project Texas is my fun way of saying Project Austin. Austin is a guy that I have a super big crush on, that I need to conquer before the summer is over. I’m not sure what I mean by conquer, maybe kiss? I don’t know, but I know I’m not satisfied leaving it the way I have at the past few parties we’ve seen each other at. So hopefully this weekend, I make some good progress into my assignment.

Date night: I have a date. Lord, I think I need to say it a few times for it to sink in. I. Have. A. Date. First REAL date in over a year. I forgot how to date, what to say… how to act, OH god. I hope I’m witty, and coy, and cute, and flirtatious. 

Anyway, I have a few more things to tell you but this is really too long now. Remind me to tell you about Audrey Hepburn, Omar Khadr, and the Iphone. Please don’t forget to remind me. 

Until next time, 

Mr. Famous, xo

Thursday, August 5, 2010


SO, word of the day: Tactless: Undiplomatic, offendingly blunt

Wheeree to begin...? Iiiii  just got back from a lovely shopping trip to Yorkdale where I found the perfect grey blazer, the perfect moccasin slash flats from Michael Kors, and the most adorable lace shirt from Aritzia. A few extras here and there but those are the main items. Very successful nonetheless. I went with some girls from work which was an anticipated awkward shopping trip.. but it ended up quite pleasant, a few weird moments of course but that's bound to happen with 5 different girls with 5 different styles. 

Second, TOMORROW is the night I go meet my lovely friend Sydney for a wonderful night of drinks (low in calorie) for the Taste of the Danforth celebrations! A good friend of mine from home will probably go into the city with me as well, which should be really fun. Saturday night is so far unplanned, but I have my eye on a nice looking boy that I'll try to see that night to accomplish a few goals I have; (secret of course), I'll let you know how that goes once the weekend is over. Also this weekend I'll be wearing my new fedora, I hope I can pull it off as well as I can in my head. 

Anyway, I have too many things to do and I'm way too tired. 

Until next time, 

Mr. Famous

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cause you're my everything...

Word of the day: Plethora: In excess of.

Hiiii y'all. (I can't believe I just typed y'all, strange) 

Anywhooo, it's day 2 of my diet. My diet that consists of meat, and veggies. No carbs, no fruit, no sugar, and no caffeine. I've had headaches like crazy, and I'm dying for a McDonalds cheeseburger (ketchup and pickles only please). Normally, my policy is eat whatever I want, and go to the gym everyday; this seems to work fairly well for me. However this summer has posed a bit of a problem for me: I don't want to go to the gym. I've been too busy, and too tired to make it everyday, and I'm still eating how I please. This lead to my 6-12 lb weight gain over the course of 6 months. Really unacceptable for me. So, this diet is supposed to help me lose that weight within two weeks. At the rate I'm going, I'll die before that happens. 

A few things have happened since I last blogged. One, I've come to the realization that the second time I kissed my neighbour (Saturday night), I didn't feel the same spark. I felt, nothing. Actually that's a lie. I felt "why am I still kissing him?" Pretty rude of me I must admit, and I feel horrible about it. But at least I know that there's nothing there, and I can just move on with my life. 

The other thing that happened is that all my dreams, day dreams, and thoughts are pointing toward one thing: I'm still in love with my ex. I don't want to talk about it with friends, because I know it's pathetic, I know it will annoy them, and I know it will annoy myself. I don't want to love him, I don't want to think about him... but all I do, is think about him. Maybe, when we're both back at school (we attend the same university) fate will jump in, and make us bump in to each other in the hallway, in the coffee line, and maybe even at the pub after class. Maybe I'll have a few too many drinks with him, and maybe I'll end up at his house. And maybe he'll realize he still loves me, and maybe we'll live happily ever after... and then I think realistically, it won't happen. 

I just got a little bit nervous. It's 8:53 pm, and my wonderful Blue Jays are playing the Yankees. Alex Rodriquez (A-Rod) is currently trying to hit his 600th home run, and this is what I say: "NOT against my Blue Jays, thank you, good bye"

 OH OH OH. Wells just got a home run! YES! Top of the 9th, looking good boys. ....

I have a few things to look forward to this week: Tomorrow, dinner with my godfather (my father for all intents and purposes), Thursday, Yorkdale with some work friends (I'm on the hunt for a perfect blazer, Michael Kors moccasins, and a few scarves) and then Friday, I'm heading down to the Taste of the Danforth with my good girlfriend Sydney. FINALLY, on Sunday I'll be seeing Charlie St. Cloud (mmm Zac Efron) with Meg, we've been trying to see this for a week now, with a few failed attempts!!

OH OH OH. AARON HILL, just got a home run. Oh, how sad for a-rod. Stupid a-rod. 

Okay, now I'm going. This game is getting good. 

Until next time, 

Mr. Famous, x0

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy Long Weekend/Civic Holiday/Simcoe Day

hello everyone! - no word of the day, my brain is moving too slowly to come up with one. Actually no! the word of the day is "Joben"... "you nicknamed me pistol, so i just called you 'Joben'.. it means nothing, i dont... i'm drunk... i'm gonna call a cab" -- I love you, Man!

Thank goodness for long weekends, especially ones with such nice weather like we've been blessed with so far. This weekend I've done some pretty exciting things (well, to me anyway!) I attended a pretty nice house jam on Friday night, where I expectedly drank a few too many beers, had a wild sleepover with some good girl friends, and an even wilder 4-hour sleep. I watched I love you man twice (slappin da base mon), and had a cousin come for a visit. Oh yeah! and how could I forget, I went to jungle cat world where I got to: feed lemurs, get scratched by a spider monkey, and pet/itch: two gargantuan wolves, and even bigger tiger, puma, a baby siberian, a donkey, some alpacas, a leopard, and PLAY in a cage with two wolf cubs. SO far, the most exciting thing I could have ever asked for, because as you will learn to know, I love animals. 

On to Saturday night.
You all remember fellow "Jacob" from a few blogs ago? Well I still haven't made the decision about what is right or wrong in this specific situation but what I do know, is that I kissed him AGAIN last night. Shit. Probably a huge mistake. Don't know where that leaves us, or me. Or my emotions for that matter. But what I do know, is this: a few weekends ago, I had a wild night at the Blue Jays game, got arrested (for pretend) and danced the night away with this guy my friend knew. He texted me last night too, and all day today. And maybe I'm into him? Or, maybe I'm into Chris (one of my best friends), whom almost kissed me, or maybe its Brady, the super, super nice guy that I keep bumping in to (finally asked for my number & to watch is band play... a musician, sexy). Actually, I'm probably into my ex-boyfriend. But who the hell cares about him, I'll push those feelings to the back of my mind until I'm ready to crave his kisses and feel the heartbreak again. 

Wow, what a weekend. And it's not over. My go-to boyfriend and I are going to a get together with a few of our closest friends. My go-to boyfriend, Anthony is my dearest friend... sometimes we pretend to date when all of our friends are in relationships and we're the only non-couple. It's pretty fun. I planned to NOT drink tonight, as I've been hungover all weekend... but guess what!? Yep, you guessed it. I'm going to drink. I've limited it to 2 beers only though, so thats okay.

I have to fill you in on a few other things that happened this past week, but I have no time right now. My go-to boyfriend is awaiting. 

Until next time, 

Mr. Famous, xo