Monday, August 30, 2010

I'm sorry, but I don't speak men.

Word of the day; Amiable; Good-natured, personal qualities.

Guess what? It's Monday. But not just any Monday. It's the last monday of working... Starting next Monday (Labour Day) I will officially be a student again, learning all the ins and outs of broadcast journalism, and specialized reporting. I really can't wait any longer. Of course because I only have TWO days of school, I will have to get a job of some sort. Hopefully I can have a cool job, but I'll probably be back in retail for the time being. That's okay, one day my hard work will pay off. That much I do know.

So in the mean time, I have this week to contend with. I am extremely busy with getting everything organized for Alberta on Friday. I have to pick clothes up from the cleaners, and pick jeans up from getting altered (the joys of being 5 feet tall), getting my hair done, saying bye to all of my friends as they slowly go back to school, packing for my trip, yoga, yoga party, and FINALLY a spray tan; which I'll have to squeeze in somewhere (I'm the palest I've ever been in the summer!) I really don't know how I'll manage to fit everything in, but hopefully I will.

Let's move on to the always lovely subject of the male gender. Who can ever understand their intentions? Like, how am I supposed to know if he wants a relationship.. or just some action, or a friendship? Why text me and ask me what I'm doing, and then when I reply, don't text back for another 2 days... it just makes no sense at all. Anyway, this one guy I'm talking about specifically, SEEMS like the nicest guy I've ever met. But is it a facade? How do I know? He's blond (not usually my type) he's in a band (also not usually my type), and SO nice. He likes to party, he knows how to have a good time, AND is nice. Is it really possible? A part of me thinks I'm falling for him, but then he just up and confuses me again. Really, I wish they would just flat out say what they meant. But then I guess there wouldn't be a chase? And all girls love a chase (let's keep the chase simple though, no convoluted games please). But remember the boy that just left for school in the States? Well sometimes I catch myself thinking about him. Why? And.. annoying.

My best friend is HOME for a week. She was at camp (being a counselor) all summer long, and has a week at home before she goes back to Laurier. Shoot. BUT the good news is, my birthday is fast approaching. And for my birthday weekend, I'll be at Laurier celebrating not only my birthday, but Homecoming as well. That should be quite the weekend. Not to remind you or anything, but my birthday is October 4th. (Let's not forget okay?)

One more thing I wanted to say... remember my driver friend that I met at the Adrian Grenier event that wanted to hire me for TIFF. Haha, well turns out he was just being charismatic. Defintiely like me to get sucked into that ploy.. oh well, it was a fun thought to entertain for a week.

Anyway, I just bought a new book: Committed, by Elizabeth Gilbert. Recognize the name? Yep, it's the Author of my other fave: Eat Pray Love. It's the continuation of her love story with Philipe. Oh I just can't wait to start reading, SO I need to finish this blog, and get to my reading.

OH WAIT! One more thing. I have found, the most amazing telephone for my room. It's a classic french, rotary phone from 1947. I need to buy it, its quite stunning.

Until next time,

Mr. Famous, xo

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