Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy Long Weekend/Civic Holiday/Simcoe Day

hello everyone! - no word of the day, my brain is moving too slowly to come up with one. Actually no! the word of the day is "Joben"... "you nicknamed me pistol, so i just called you 'Joben'.. it means nothing, i dont... i'm drunk... i'm gonna call a cab" -- I love you, Man!

Thank goodness for long weekends, especially ones with such nice weather like we've been blessed with so far. This weekend I've done some pretty exciting things (well, to me anyway!) I attended a pretty nice house jam on Friday night, where I expectedly drank a few too many beers, had a wild sleepover with some good girl friends, and an even wilder 4-hour sleep. I watched I love you man twice (slappin da base mon), and had a cousin come for a visit. Oh yeah! and how could I forget, I went to jungle cat world where I got to: feed lemurs, get scratched by a spider monkey, and pet/itch: two gargantuan wolves, and even bigger tiger, puma, a baby siberian, a donkey, some alpacas, a leopard, and PLAY in a cage with two wolf cubs. SO far, the most exciting thing I could have ever asked for, because as you will learn to know, I love animals. 

On to Saturday night.
You all remember fellow "Jacob" from a few blogs ago? Well I still haven't made the decision about what is right or wrong in this specific situation but what I do know, is that I kissed him AGAIN last night. Shit. Probably a huge mistake. Don't know where that leaves us, or me. Or my emotions for that matter. But what I do know, is this: a few weekends ago, I had a wild night at the Blue Jays game, got arrested (for pretend) and danced the night away with this guy my friend knew. He texted me last night too, and all day today. And maybe I'm into him? Or, maybe I'm into Chris (one of my best friends), whom almost kissed me, or maybe its Brady, the super, super nice guy that I keep bumping in to (finally asked for my number & to watch is band play... a musician, sexy). Actually, I'm probably into my ex-boyfriend. But who the hell cares about him, I'll push those feelings to the back of my mind until I'm ready to crave his kisses and feel the heartbreak again. 

Wow, what a weekend. And it's not over. My go-to boyfriend and I are going to a get together with a few of our closest friends. My go-to boyfriend, Anthony is my dearest friend... sometimes we pretend to date when all of our friends are in relationships and we're the only non-couple. It's pretty fun. I planned to NOT drink tonight, as I've been hungover all weekend... but guess what!? Yep, you guessed it. I'm going to drink. I've limited it to 2 beers only though, so thats okay.

I have to fill you in on a few other things that happened this past week, but I have no time right now. My go-to boyfriend is awaiting. 

Until next time, 

Mr. Famous, xo

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