Thursday, July 29, 2010

Shaking hands with the Devil

Word of the day: busticate: to break into pieces

Saturday night, began all fine and well.

A few girls (add in a boyfriend), a few drinks, and a few drinking games. If only it went as smoothly as planned. 

Arriving at a good friend's house with another good friend in tow, became troublesome from the moment my foot stepped in the door. I heard the most frightening, and familiar voice; the voice of my ex's best friend. A guy who played me for a fool so badly, I shudder at the mere memory of the night. I'll give you a rundown. 

Friday night, summer '09: *John comes into a bar I'm in, a few months after his best friend ripped my heart out of my chest. John continues to tell me how badly he's wanted me for the last two years, as he watched me date his best friend... he tells me how badly he wants to kiss me, to hold me, to be with me. I, of course fall for it. We make plans for a future date. 
Saturday night, summer '09: John and my ex walk into the party I'm at. I privately say something to John about the previous night. Ten minutes later, in front of my ex, John makes it seem as if I'm stalking him, and obsessed with him. John, my ex, and all of their friends laugh at me as I walk away in tears. I don't know if my words do my pain justice, but let me tell you, it was awful. 

Flash forward to saturday night, there stands John. The devil. A few too many beers later, I find myself facing John in a one vs one flip cup game. Best out of five; 1, 2, 3, I win. He puts out his hand for a truce. I'm sorry John, but I cannot simply just shake your hand after the pain you caused. He understands why, and begins to explain. "I woke up Saturday morning feeling guilty after betraying my friend. I meant everything I said at the bar, but I couldn't do that to my friend." Blah, blah, blah. "I asked a friend, she told me to prove my friendship to *Steve, I needed to make a fool of you publicly.. so I did it. I know it was wrong, but I did it" 

Great, another blow. Too many beers, too many emotions, too many memories all lead to the events that followed this conversation. If only I knew, that 4 days later, Wednesday the 28th of July, a whole new set of feelings would come rushing back. 

I not only shook hands with the devil, I possibly ruined any chances I have with Steve. 
Life lesson: get intoxicated anywhere near Hell, and your bound to run into problems. 
*Steve, pseudonym for ex-boyfriend
*John, pseudonym for ex-boyfriends best friend

Until next time, 

Mr. Famous, xo

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