Friday, July 16, 2010

Bucket List

Who knew I'd be back so soon.. I'm just so excited about this blogging thing I want to keep writing.

As many of you probably know, MTV just recently came out with a show about those 4 guys from Canada who had a bucket list, and a bus (known as Penelope). Well so far, I just have a list. By my list, you may be able to tell that I would want nothing more than to be in NYC at all times, and that I love, and would do anything for the protection of sharks.

Hereee it is. 

(not listed in order of importance)

1. Swim with sharks
2. Learn french
3. Become a Much Music VJ
4. Work for CNN
5. Become a news anchor
6. Skydive
7. Ride in the "Right for Heart"
8. Live in NYC
9. Backpack across Europe
10. Go on a REAL African Lion Safari
11. Collect all versions of "To Kill a Mockingbird"
12. Interview a convicted murderer
13. Become a real shark activist
14. Work with Rob Stewart (Shark Water)
15. Ride a motorcycle
16. Save a polar bear
17. Pet a coyote
18. Bungee jump in another continent
19. Go to a strip club
20. Eat outside Tiffany's in NYC
21. Get arrested but not charged [completed]
22. Be in a sit in
23. Go to a Red Sox game in Boston
24. See the Super Bowl, live.
25. Write a fictional novel
26. Learn to meditate
27. Practice yoga everyday for 6 months
28. Fall in love in another country
29. Get a dual citizenship
30. Go to a party on a yacht
31. Buy a house for my mom
32. Buy a car for a spouse
33. Publish a story in a New York magazine
34. Go to a fashion show during Paris/NYC/Miami fashion week
35. Learn to speak spanish
36. Ski Whistler
37. Have children
38. Make a large donation to a non-profit organization
39. Celebrate Canada Day in Ottawa
40. Visit the winter Olympics
41. Be in Times Square for New Years Eve
42. Study Religion
43. Own a house
44. Drive a sports car
45. Learn to speak Greek
46. Have a Greek wedding
47. Learn to Greek dance
48. Own an Irish Wolfhound
49. Go portaging 
50. Go to the Eifel Tower
51. Watch ALL of the "Friends" episodes
52. Stay in the Hamptons
53. Watch a polo match
54. Help the homeless
55. Grow carrots/cucumbers
56. Hike through the Rockies
57. Visit Tiger Island
58. Hail a cab in NYC

Until next time,

Mr. Famous, xo

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