Saturday, July 17, 2010

Just one of those nights...

Word of the day: Precarious; Subject to chance or unknown conditions

Well hello again, 

You know, it's just one of those nights that you're thankful for all your friends and family and are just completely and utterly content. You've just spent a wonderful evening with friends discussing everything from politics, to alcohol, and religion to sex. You've covered all the bases that friends typically cover, all while sharing delicious drinks and food...

And then its time to go home, and relax on the couch with a hot cup of tea and a cute movie... Tonight: Did you hear about the Morgans? A movie starring Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker, a couple of stars that one can never go wrong with. SJP makes me think of all the hours I've spent watching re-runs of Sex and the City.. god I love sex and the city, and more so, Mr. Big. Mr. Big is the epitome of the wall street banker type, the tall, handsome, not-so-reliable man that every girl falls in love with at least once in their lives; also the one that just happens to break your heart. We've all been there. 

Anyway, before we get into the sappy, broken heart mess of a conversation, I'm going to leave you to spend your Saturday night however you may be spending it... 

Until next time,

Mr. Famous, xo

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