Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A dog is a (wo)mans best friend

Word of the day; Fidelity; faith in something larger than themselves.

Today this word means a lot to me. Not because I am in love, or in any type of romantic relationship but because my dog is in pain. Ever since I got home at around 3:30 pm yesterday afternoon, he's been sore. Whining, yelping, crying, scared and timid. At first it started off in his "wrist". It was trembling, and he couldn't stand on it. Now it appears to be his hips, as he can't walk.. or struggles to walk down stairs and up stairs. He's trying to act normal, but he has zero energy, and is in too much pain. I have been bracing myself for this for quite some time as he as already outlived his life expectancy based on his breeds (german shepherd; ages 8-10 & great dane; ages 8-10). My dog is going on 11 so I was expecting some diminishes in energy levels etc. As much as you brace yourself, it's not any easier. I have done nothing but cater to him, help him get around, comfort him, and give him all his favorite treats, and to be honest, there is nothing I'd rather be doing. This is why fidelity means so much to me today.. I will be loyal to him for as long as it's needed. And with you guys as my witness, I will not be selfish when the time comes for him to be put down. I will not let him suffer.

Okay, no more sad talk. Let's be happy. I HOPE some of you watch Glee because my god it was a good one last night. It was like the original Glee - no celebrity guests, no pointless singing, just good ol' Glee. Kurts new potential love is to DIE for, and I can't believe the football jock.. Ryan Murphy, you are a genius.

Another thing, you know the new show "Lake Shore"? Toronto's semi-version of Jersey Shore. WELL my friend Joey Violin can be seen on this show as "the Wop". Fascinating right? The show isn't something I would typically watch as I'm more in to the saga of Chuck and Blair on Gossip Girl, but I will support him and... watch.

I think that's about all I have right now.. I need to start doing some hmwk, and get ready to head in to Toronto for a meeting - I use that term loosely.

Until next time,

Mr. Famous, xo

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Hey Y'all!

Today is one of those days that I'll do anything to avoid homework. I have so much, and I just can't do it... I just can't.

This weekend was pretty shitty I'll have to say. I woke up Friday morning all pumped up to go to London for a romantic weekend with Nicki (obv name change here - named after N. Minaj). So anyway, I wake up to the worst headache you could imagine. I could barely open my eyes, or lift my head off my pillow... brutaaal. So I go to the bathroom (which I'm pretty sure is the first thing everyone does) and I puked. I was just sitting there, getting dizzier and dizzier, and then.. it happened. So I did what everyone else would do, and climbed into my mothers bed. She brought me water and advil like an angel, and then I fell back to sleep. I woke up three hours later, feeling woozy, but better. So I liiiiterraaally did nothing all weekend. That's a lie, I got enough energy to go shopping and bought two new pairs of shoes (one heels, one flat boots) and oooone spectacular faux fur vest. God it's amazing. It's been too hot this week so far to wear it, but the moment it dips below 5 degrees, I'M WEARING IT EVERYWHERE.

The problem that I've seen developing in the last few weeks is my crush on Nucky. I don't think I've had a real, real crush since the first time I met my ex-boyfriend... i think 4 years ago now? I spend a lot of my not-so-free time thinking about him. I hate when I start to really like someone because I can't focus, and I become nervous, and I lose all chance I ever had at being witty. I stutter, giggle, and act like I've never been in contact with the human species before... See why I don't like liking people.

Anyway, my point is, I might be seeing him this weekend. AH. My newly-single gal pal is throwing herself a party, and GOOD for her. So, we'll seeeee.

I'm about to go get my hair done.. like really, if I don't stop blogging soon, I'll be late. I think I'm going to put a lot more plums/reds in. BUT I'M NERVOUS. Causeee I'm a wimp.

Also, I will leave you with my final thoughts of the day.
1. Now that I'm employed I miiiight have to miss the Santa Clause Parade - which I've never missed and is an annual ritual for me and mom
2. Now that Weezy's home I have to come up with another countdown. I have two:
a. CHRISTMAS .... December 25. Obv.

Until next time,

Mr. Famous, xo

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Weezy F. Baby

I have ONE thing to say right now.


After some confusion at Rikers, there had been speculation that he would be in for one more day. But guess what!?



Ordered a new tshirt today "Weezy's Home"

Until next time,

Mr. Famous, xo

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's Movembbeeer

Word of the day; Insidious; stealthily or treacherously deceitful

Oh my god, I haven't been here in a while. I've been so busy, and stressed, I feel guilty being on my computer when I'm not doing homework, hence my casual disappearance for a week. Still, no excuses.

Let me think what has gone since last Thursday. Well, Friday I had a second job interview at Aritzia... the district manager was extreeeeemely pretty (intimidating) and great style (intimidating), but was veeeeerry not-so-nice. At least at the beginning anyway. I think I gave her the impression that mean people really don't bother me, so she really sweetened up and then she was just a really nice, pretty girl, with great style. Anyway, I thought I blew the interview, until the end when she basically said "pending reference checks" we'd like to offer you the job. OKAY GREAT. I'm almost employed. Cross your fingers and hope they call today like she said! :)

Okay it's night time now. YAY. The weekend of Halloween. It's Friday night, I'm dressed as a ballerina, and out with my besty - who was 80's glam rock. We drank way too much, went to a party, met some very mean cops (real ones, not in costume).. drank way too much again (playing flip cup with vodka/redbull) and then she met a boy. I think I'm going to call him MC Hammer... or maybe just Hammer. Yep, Hammer. This is because he was dressed up as 80's rap. Fitting right? Okay.. so they hit it off MAJORLY. She wants him, he wants her.. terrific. I'll mind my own business (with my buddy Forrest Gump - costume, not movie) Then she decides she wants a relationship before she goes further, WHICH IS NORMAL. But me, being the bad influence friend, pleads with her to go further. "It'll be fun, you'll regret it if you don't." I tried everything... but good for her, no budging. I'm proud of her, and annoyed with myself for being like that. We met a cute boy on the street - Justin - who had a "girlfriend per se".. who the hell knows what that means. Then, I don't remember much else. I know I yelled "free weezy" to many people on the street, and I know my friends friends picked us up. We went back to her condo, and the rest is history.

Saturday, I was hungover and laid on the floor all day. Sunday, I grocery shopped, carved pumpkins, and dished out candy to allll the little kiddies. I also bought a new coat, and new boots. They are VERY cute!

OH YEAH- IT'S MOVEMBER. Dirty, greasy, facial hair. My favorite time of year, thaaaank goodness.

Now for the final thing today as I am very late for the editing room at school.
I have a crush on a boy. Remember Hollywood? I'm not a fan anymore, he's too pretentious and annoying. Obviously he's still super hot, and super cute shoes, buuut too annoying. The new boy though: Nucky is what I'll call him. I hooked up with him hmm last February or March... no wait, it was the beginning of February. That was it.. i didn't like him. He texted me on Valentines Day, I was creeped out, never to text him again. (Except for the odd time).

Since school has started back up again, we pretty much drunk text each other either every weekend, or every other. My besty.. i need a name for her. I'm going to call her... Apple. (she made me very delicious apple blossoms once and that's all I can think of at the moment - i may change it later). Anyway, apparently Apple already knew that I liked him, when I didn't. So i guess i've liked him for likeeee, well since Nuit Blanche, like actually liked him. But I only realized it this weekend. The problem with that is: once i start to consciously like someone, I start to act like an idiot. So I think i ruined it with him ALREADY. How embarrassing. Whatever.

Oh yeah, one more thing: one of my other bestys, MOVED TO WHISTLER THIS MORNING. At 4 am. Last night we had a little goodbye and I'm very sad. Thankfully I'm going there in Feb. for reading week... but still. I'm sad.

Kkkkk, that's really all now.

Until next time,

Mr. Famous, xo