Saturday, July 24, 2010

Jacob vs Edward

Word of the day: Voracious; Wanting, or devouring great quantities of food

Good Morning World!

For a Saturday morning in mid-July, it's not the nicest day. Its pretty gloomy, and rainy.. But on the bright side, I'll be going out soon to pick up some fresh Ontario produce, including lettuce, peppers, and peaches. 

I woke up to some good news, and a headache. A headache that came from too much to drink on a Friday night. Being as intoxicated as I was, of course, the drunk texting began. I texted my "Jacob" (for all you Twilight fans). He is the guy that I probably love, but the type of love that will never be enough. The guy that I might kiss once or twice, and really, really like it; but it's not the kiss that lasts a life time. 

So what does one do in that type of situation? Fortunately for me, there is no "Edward" right now, no one that I do love more. I do know, that one day he'll come along, and the love I have for "Jacob" will seem so small, so minute, that I'll probably forget about it. 
But what about now!? Do I act on the feelings, knowing it won't last long, or do I push them aside and forget they were even there.

I know some of you will have the argument, "What if an 'Edward' doesn't come along?" or "What if the love for 'Jacob' never goes away, and only gets bigger?" Of course, that is always a possibility, and I know that. But the selfish part is (and I hate myself for it), that I know I couldn't be with him. I know that he is not the person I would want to be with 'forever'. So we'd both end up hurt. 

Should I even waste my time? Should I act on the feelings that I have every time I see him; the butterflies in my stomach, the skipped beats my heart makes when he walks into the room, or when he hugs me? 

Or should I remain calm, cool, and collected? And act like the passion that we felt when we kissed didn't actually happen, that it was simply just the alcohol in our systems. 

Should I pick Jacob, or wait for an Edward?

Until next time,

Mr. Famous, xo

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