Thursday, August 5, 2010


SO, word of the day: Tactless: Undiplomatic, offendingly blunt

Wheeree to begin...? Iiiii  just got back from a lovely shopping trip to Yorkdale where I found the perfect grey blazer, the perfect moccasin slash flats from Michael Kors, and the most adorable lace shirt from Aritzia. A few extras here and there but those are the main items. Very successful nonetheless. I went with some girls from work which was an anticipated awkward shopping trip.. but it ended up quite pleasant, a few weird moments of course but that's bound to happen with 5 different girls with 5 different styles. 

Second, TOMORROW is the night I go meet my lovely friend Sydney for a wonderful night of drinks (low in calorie) for the Taste of the Danforth celebrations! A good friend of mine from home will probably go into the city with me as well, which should be really fun. Saturday night is so far unplanned, but I have my eye on a nice looking boy that I'll try to see that night to accomplish a few goals I have; (secret of course), I'll let you know how that goes once the weekend is over. Also this weekend I'll be wearing my new fedora, I hope I can pull it off as well as I can in my head. 

Anyway, I have too many things to do and I'm way too tired. 

Until next time, 

Mr. Famous

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