Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy Sunday!

Word of the day; Napalm; a thick and highly incendiary liquid, usually consisting of petrol gelled with aluminum soaps, used in firebombs, flame-throwers, etc. 

whaaaadduuup!? Kidding. Anyway, what's up? Weekend's almost over, pretty bummed about that. Only thing good about Sundays is Entourage is on and I can stare at Adrian Grenier for 30 minutes. Adrian, is rumoured to be coming to Toronto this week (please confirm this for me!) for a showing of his latest flick by Teenage Paparazzo. 

Have you ever seen someone for a party continuously for like 4 months, and not thought anything of it? But then at the end of the 4 months they tell you they're moving away, and you realize that you've wasted all summer doing nothing about it. Welcome to my life. For the last 4 months, me and boy (Mark) have been shamelessly flirting. Do you think I would do something about it? No. Of course not. But, on Friday night when he tells me this is his second last night in Canada (before heading back to university in the States), I realized... shit, I just missed it. He did tell me he'll be back for American Thanksgiving, but like, c'mon, that's a million months away (really it's just 3 but... enough time before I can do something) And even that, it'll just be a weekend. 

Some pretty exciting things happened to me this week (aside from my stupidity with Mark)... On Wednesday I went downtown, more specifically to Yorkville so I could buy a Longchamp bag... well, while I was down there, I saw a f*cking Bugatti Veyron... a 1.7 million dollar car! Insane. Beyond insane. CRAZY. In the midst of my excitement over the Veyron, I saw, and then met Steven Tyler from Aerosmith. Shook hands, and was stepped on by THE Steven Tyler. 

That's it for now... Summer's almost over. We'll have to recap over the summer soon.

Until next time, 

Mr. Famous, xo

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