Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Quick check-in

Word of the day; ambivalence; the state of having simultaneous, conflicting feelings toward a person or thing

Hola! Welcome to my blog on this overly hot, and humid day. I don't have too much time to blog, but I wanted to say a quick hello before I jet off again. I'll start by saying this: I'm addicted to Full House. Remember that show? With Uncle Jesse/Joey, and Danny Tanner. I recently bought season 1, and seriously, I can't stop. I forgot to sleep some nights because I would just be enveloped into it. So a dear, dear friend of mine bought Seasons two and three for me to borrow during my trip to Alberta (Thank god, I love her). 

I got my hair done last night. I added chunks of near-white blonde, and dark plum. The bad news is,  barely anyone noticed. I really thought it was obvious that there were blonde chunks of hair in my normally brown hair, but NOPE, apparently not. Oh well, I think sometimes I expect too much. 

Tonight, I have a yoga party (to celebrate my yoga instructors 1-year anniversary of teaching) and a mini hangout sesh with Jacob. Yep, Jacob from a few blog entries ago entitled "Jacob vs Edward". I guess we'll see how that goes. 

The only thing that I can honestly say is making me sad is that the guy from the Blue Jays (not an actual player obv) has yet to e-mail me back although he said he would. Maybe I'm being a little obsessed about it, but I'm just so excited. How can I not obsess over something like that? Well whatever, I'll give it time and hope for the best. 

FINALLY, Adrian Grenier tweeted me. Or retweeted one of my tweets. My tweet went as follows: Hard rock for dinner, @teenagepaparazzo for dessert. Terrific night @adriangrenier"

He RT (retweeted) "Yummm!" Back to my tweet. CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE IT? I ran through my house with unmistakable excitement. Adrian tweeted me, adrian tweeted me, yahoooo. 

I want to give a final little recommendation to read Committed, By Elizabeth Gilbert. I'm mid-way through and can't even believe how much I'm learning about marriage in different countries, cultures, and religion, all while following the complex mind of Liz Gilbert through her battle against re-marrying. 

I'm done blabbing now, off to buy a present for yoga instructor (obv I've procrastinated)

Until next time, 

Mr. Famous, xo

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