Tuesday, September 21, 2010

kiss kiss, bang bang

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Helloooo bloggers!

Obviously I've been a little absent. Well I'll tell you why, third year is kicking my ass. It's 100 times the work, in 100 times shorter deadlines. But today has been the perfect day.. I woke up (to my dog freaking out about the thunderstorm) and drove my mom to work. I came home, diligently did my homework, did some heavy duty reading, and then went to see Easy A (amazinggggg movie), renewed my moms license sticker, did some research for an MTV project in working on, came back and watched the most amazing episodes of both House and gossip girl.

I only have one simple question: why can't chuck bass, just be chuck bass and be together with Blair? It's really not all that difficult. "I love you Blair" "I love you chuck" kiss kiss, done:) quite simple really.

Anyway, watching GG, easy a and house all made me want one thing, love. It's really quite a nice feeling. And these days are perfect for boyfriends; it's warm, and sunny but it's cold enough at night to have the leaves start changing colours. It's the perfect day,
Especially for a boyfriend... Oh well. My time will come:)

The sad thing about this time of year is that baseball season is almost over which obviously means the end of the blue jays until April. Im a huge fan of hockey of course, but baseball is my life in the summer. How else an I supposed to fill my time? Oh, good point. A boyfriend. Ha. I'll work on that.

Even though school is back, I've been doing a lot of visiting with friends.
I stayed at my good friend Dakotas last week, we went to a nice bar in Little Italy, had food fun, good laughs and an amazing sleep. The same idea for this week: staying at my friends jess's, going to drink a few martinis, waking up super early to finally get the iphone4 I've been dying for! What a great night I'm in store for!

Sorry for being so absent, I've been busy busy, but I promise to check in more often. By often at least every other day. I really have to tell you about my latest crush:)

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