Monday, September 13, 2010

Learn, learn, learn OR Tiff, TIff, TIff?

Hey! Have you forgotten about me yet? I’m so sorry for being away for so long, With the little downtime I had, I slept. I’ve been so tired; always on the go, Alberta time vs. Ontario time. I still can’t quite get in the real swing of things. In case you were wondering, I am back in Ontario now.. I landed last night at about 10:30, meaning I didn’t get home until about 12. I didn’t get to bed until around 2, AND then I was back up at 6 for school. I’m not doing so well... EXTREMELY tired. But oh well... I will fill you in on everything I neglected to share with you. Here it goes:

Since we last spoke, I went to Edmonton, the wedding, the West Edmonton Mall, Banff, back to Calgary and Spruce Meadows. I’ve met two guys, had a blast traveling, feared for my life and played with animals. We’ll start with getting to Edmonton. My cousin, who I found out is religious (don’t know how he’s related to me?) drove me to Edmonton, where my mom drove with my aunt and granny. The speed limit on some of the highways there is 110, waaay better than the 100 km/h we deal with here in Ontario. My cousin however disregarded the speed limit and decided to travel anywhere between 140 and 160 km/h..... Yep. He weaved through traffic, resulting in brief heart palpitations for myself. Not an experience I wish to have again, unless of course I’m with a professional driver on a race track. When we got to Edmonton I was surprised with a suite in the Fantasy Land Hotel. My mom knew how badly I wanted to stay there,  so she booked a room unbeknownst to me. We got checked in, got ready for the wedding, and then proceeded to the wedding. It was a small, pretty ceremony, followed by a small tasteful reception. The only thing I hate about weddings is the need for overly fancy food that no one actually enjoys. There was sea food combined with ALL of the courses, which of course made me want to vom. I got to bond with my uncle though whom I haven’t seen in about 5 years. Now that I’m actually older, and not a child, I really appreciated the time I got to spend with him.

The next day I woke up to the SOREST throat you can ever imagine. I was lethargic, couldn’t swallow, and had just found out the Tim Hortons was about a 10 minute walk, RIGHT next to the ice rink. So, I got dressed, and started my trek to the Tim Hortons. No matter how sick I was feeling, I needed to see the mall. After all, we were only in Edmonton for the day. Me and mom went to a shark show (it was awesome), saw all the attractions (amusement park, water park, etc) and shopped ‘til we dropped. We went out for dinner again with my uncle (aunt, granny, and cousin) and then packed the car up for  home. I absolutely refused to drive with my cousin again (which was awkward and lead everyone to think I was a whiney baby). Who in their right mind would get back into a car KNOWING what was coming. So I drove with my mom and aunt, and my grandma drove with my cousin. Phew.

Thursday we were back in Calgary. We decided it would be a home day as we were all tired from traveling, and my cold-like symptoms had now turned in to flu-like symptoms. We all caught up on our rest, TV, and drank lots of tea.

Guess what? It’s Friday morning now and we’re heading to Banff. This was the part of the trip that I couldn’t wait for. So we packed the car early, and drove the 1.5 hours to Banff. Within 20 minutes of driving, the mountains appeared. Now, remember that I had NEVER seen the mountains before. I almost cried they were so pretty. I couldn’t believe it. As we got closer and closer, it became less and less real. We drove around for a while, took some pictures from various angles and lookout points, and then headed to meet the newlyweds for lunch. (Oh yeah! I forgot to tell you, the newlyweds and us all had the same itinerary for the rest of the week. Awkward? Yep.) Lunch was awful, well the food was; the company was great. 

--Just so you know, as I’m writing this.. I’m eating a wrap, which has officially made me feel sick. How Rude! (Thank you, Stephanie Tanner; courtesy of Full House)—

After lunch, we started walking down the main strip of Banff, where I booked my horseback riding trip, which was to take place in 30 minutes. So again, off we go; down through Banff to the stable. My guide: GORGEOUS. Dave was his name, straight out from Australia. I just happened to be the only one on this tour, so it was just me and Dave. It was romantic.. or so I like to think. Fast forward to the end of the story: I chickened out, didn’t ask for his number, and left. Never to see him again.

Plane ride home: Met a cute boy in the airport.. and by met I mean just smiled as I walked. While I was sitting on the plane, I reaaallly had to use the washroom, but it’s always such an ordeal, so I held it... Until the point where I almost burst. I ran to the washroom, where I was greeted by a 5 person line. Inconvenient. I was in everyones way, so me and said boy chatted in the flight attendant's cabin. It was just for a short time before the meaner of the 3 flight attendants broke it up. Once we landed, me and mom went to retrieve our baggage, where this boy came up to me asked me about my flight, helped me and my mom with our baggage, and took my number. He already texted me and wants to go for coffee. Forward? Yes. Am I flattered? Absolutely. 

First day of school, over. My schedule is great: Monday for 6 hours, and Thursday for 8 hours. That's all. The rest is nice and relaxing. I'm going downtown to star watch (hoping for Ryan Reynolds and Rachel McAdams) with my good friend Megan... Hopefully we can score some tickets to a movie for TIFF. That would be fun. Anyway, no word of the day today. Too lazy. 

Until next time, 

Mr. Famous, xo

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