Sunday, September 5, 2010

I'm on a plane!

Hey! I’m currently sitting on the plane, going through some mild turbulence. Not a huge deal though, just a thunderstorm that we’re going around. -- no word of the day today. sorry! :)

I’m watching Full House (of course, because I’m obsessed), and it’s the Christmas episode where the Tanner clan travels to Colorado. I just needed to quickly jot down on paper (no internet of course) how excited I am for Christmas to come. First there is my birthday, and then of course Thanksgiving, BUT THEN, Christmas. I love the smells or orange and cinnamon, the Christmas music that jingles through all shopping malls and stores, as well as the gorgeous decorations that cover houses, streets and of course, the malls. 


I’m off the plane, fully rested, and in Calgary. I was pretty much up for 24-hours, without the time change. My eyes were burning, I was pale, and I was pretty much a walking zombie. As you can tell, I’m a huge baby that needs beauty sleep on the regular. I’m so excited for everyone to wake up, and start touring this wonderful city. When we arrived, it was 19 degrees, which I thought was fairly nice... until I fell asleep. I slept in my normal gear, a long (Blue Jays) t-shirt and underwear. Normally I sweat in that attire, but last night I WAS FREEZING. I’m not sure if I can exaggerate that enough. My teeth were chattering, my body was in a ball, and I was shivering. It just was too cold. So now I’m wearing sweat pants, and socks... socks. Ha! can you even believe it? I haven’t worn socks (aside from at the gym) in like 6 months. My teeth hurt so much this morning from chattering all night, I can’t even chew very well. 

I don’t really have anything else to blog about, nothing exciting has really happened. I watched about 7 episodes of Full House on the plane, where my in front and backwards neighbours (the people that sat directly in front of me, and behind me) were the worst neighbours ever. The one in front, fully reclined which fully pressed on my laptop, and the one behind, kept expelling gas and pushing her knees into my chair causing it to bounce up and down for the whole flight. I was really not impressed, but a pretty good flight over all:)

Until next time, 

Mr. Famous, xo

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