Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labour Day!

Word of the day; Magpie; the hyena's of the bird species (Definition: Aunt Lynda)

So, we're nearing the end of day 3, and guess what? I'm sick. Yep. Upset stomach, sore throat, stuffy nose, the whole bit. Pretty inconvenient I must say. Yesterday we got so much done though! We went shopping for the bride and groom, got them beautiful dishes off their registry and continued on shopping. It's so cold here (a whopping 3 degrees), I had to buy a coat. 
Fortunately for me, I had tried on a coat back in Ontario at the Gap and already knew that was the one I wanted. The good news: it was on sale, less the 8% extra tax we pay, I saved a bundle. 

Me and mom also went to the Science Center to see the Body Worlds exhibit. It was AMAZING. There are no words to describe what I saw; from all the organs, to all the bones, to the nervous system and the stages of life (starting from embryo, to 9 months). It was sad to think that the babies I was 'oo-ing' and 'ah-ing' at were once alive, but nice to know that these people donated for educational and scientific purposes. 

It's unfortunate that after me and mom had a terrific afternoon walking around the downtown core (only to find out that NOTHING is open after working ours/weekends) we ended up BACK at the casino. Yep, two nights in a row. I was kind of annoyed to be honest, as my first experience was boring. Why spend money on nothing? If I don't win (which I never will) I'll regret spending the money on nothing, where I could have been sporting a nice new pair of jeans or shoes. So, everyone in my family knew how annoyed I was at the whole casino-ing thing, I felt kind of bad. But the funny thing is, they're there AGAIN, right NOW, as we speak and have been for the past (at least) 8 hours... problem? I think so. 
Today, me and mom had lunch at Sunterra (the Calgary equivalent to Toronto's Pusateri's) with my grandpa. That was really nice! He's really cute, and funny so I had a great time. My mom was super emotional... I guess she was shocked at how much he aged. Makes sen
se. We then went condo shopping! It turns out that the pricing of houses/condos out here is a lot better than in Toronto, are we surprised? haha not at all. We wouldn't move out here I don't think, just have it has property to own, and rent it out to people.. maybe my granny, or even grandpa! 

My cousin arrived today though! He was in Toronto for the week, so he's back; gives me something to look forward to. He's in my age range so that's good. I don't think he drinks, so that's bad. Ha. Oh well:) Tomorrow, we head to Edmonton. I'm really excited for that. We have the wedding, and then of course the West Edmonton Mall! I'm super excited about the amusement park/water park/sea world aspect of it... 

My mind is ALL over the place today. I can't even function, thanks to my mush of break a la sickness. So I apologize for the short, choppy sentences, and any spelling/grammatical errors I may make. I'm too lazy to correct anything. 

To end today, I just want to say how much I miss my baby boy. I have even posted a picture of him, just to say a little "Hello" to him. 

Until next time, 

Mr. Famous, xo

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