Wednesday, October 27, 2010

And I always heard people in New York never get to know their neighbours...


One long weekend in the summer, me and my besty, are packing up and going to New York City. We are going big, doing it up reeeeall big, and having a glamorous time. Me and her, well, we're moving there once school is over and done with. But as we are poor students, we'll probably end up in a one-bedroom apartment sleeping on single beds with one bathroom to share. So, while we can, we're going to have one luxurious night.

We are going to stay at a wonderful hotel that runs around $500/600 a night, and TRY to fly first class. We will wear skirts and heels on the plane, as if to act like we normally do this. We will act rich, order room service, champagne, strawberries, THE WHOLE works. I'm really excited. We are going to go out dinner, and coming back to watch old movies in big hotel robes. This may not make sense to anyone, but to us, its crystal clear.

P.s. I hope you stick with me through the move and slumming it in New York when we move in a couple of years... it'll mean a lot.

Until next time,

Mr. Famous, xo

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  1. Can I be your high-class (or hopefully sleazy) New York hooker?